How To Ride A Horse In Better Harmony – Part 2

Well, now that you are on your horse (see How To Ride A Horse In Better Harmony – Part 1), what do you do next? You allow your horse to walk and stretch on a long rein. Just like you wouldn’t jump out of bed and run a race, you can’t just ju...

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Horse Training Methods: The Horse Training Pyramid – Part 2

I am writing about classical horse training methods because they are time tested and the best systematic approach to improving a horses physical fitness, balance, suppleness and responsiveness. In Part 1 of the horse training pyramid we covered the first thre...

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Horse Bridles – Which Should You Choose?

There are so many horse bridles available…how do you choose? There are several factors involved. I take a couple of things into consideration when I am looking for a bridle. The first is also a limiting factor, I always have to figure out how much I can...

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