Decorating Horse Stalls For Christmas

decorating horse stalls for Christmas

The “Deck The Stalls” winner…The Gingerbread House…with “naughty” Pumpkin inside!

Decorating horse stalls for Christmas can be a lot of fun, which is why we just had a “Deck The Stalls” party today at the farm!

For a small entry fee (which was a $20 donation to the horse rescue – more about that in another post!) anyone could enter to decorate one of the horse’s stalls for Christmas.

With three judges scoring from 1 to 10 on originality, creativity and overall artistic impression; the scores would be combined and the winner would win a $50 gift certificate to a favorite local horse supply/tack store.

We also had hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies; and everyone brought a stocking to decorate for their “favorite” horse!

After decorating the stockings we all made “treat bags” to put in the stockings just in case there would be a naughty horse that might otherwise get a lump of coal!

In fact, as you can see from the picture to the left there actually is a pony that earned the name “Naughty”…because she often is :)…her real name is actually “Pumpkin.” It’s hard to see in the small picture, but the decorator (Sophia) made a name tag for her door with the name “Naughty” on it.

horse jumping

Pumpkin loves competing at horse shows

She can be pretty naughty but she’s also very talented and athletic and wins quite a few ribbons at horse shows! She’s a very handy and competitive jumper. We have had her since she was 2 years old…she’s 16 now.

There were peppermints, ribbon candy and baby carrots to stuff the treat bags with 🙂 Some of us “made the rounds” and let the horses sample the treats ahead of time…after all with all those yummy smells drifting through the air it would have been a little mean to make them wait a few more days just to get a little treat, LOL.

We all had lots of fun and laughter this afternoon. It helped put us in the holiday mood. Whether a spectator, judge or decorator we all had a great time decorating horse stalls for Christmas!

decorating horse stalls for Christmas

Lucky’s stall…”The Living Room”


decorating horse stalls for Christmas

Sage’s stall…”Peppermint Twist”

decorated horse stall

Buddy’s stall, “Christmas Joy”


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3 Responses to “Decorating Horse Stalls For Christmas”

  • Tiffany Lambert on December 23, 2013

    That is TOO cute! The gingerbread house was definitely the best – tons of work went into that – but I like the others too. How fun!

    • Karla on December 26, 2013

      Awww, thanks Tiffany. We had such a great time and the girls all did a SUPER job!

  • Ali on December 27, 2013

    This was SO much fun! thank you for making things like this possible for all the girls at the farm!

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