What Is The Best English Saddle To Use?

English saddle
The saddle that I use, a Collegiate Dressage Saddle like this one, is very comfortable. Click the picture to see it on Amazon.

What IS the best English saddle to use? The answer is, it depends on what you are using it for. Along with personal taste of course!

In my opinion, unless you are jumping, the best type of English saddle to use is a dressage saddle. I like it for training, pleasure riding and comfort.

In fact, if you are a western rider, your favorite English saddle to ride in would most likely be a dressage saddle.

A dressage saddle kind of reminds me of a western saddle without a horn. 🙂

Dressage saddles have a nice, deep seat that helps you to feel balanced and secure. They are also supposed to help keep you in the most correct position for using your aids to communicate with your horse.

The saddle that I recently bought, a Collegiate Convertible Dressage Saddle, is extremely comfortable. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for a saddle at the time.

I had gone to a favorite local tack shop and this dressage saddle happened to be sitting on the “tryout horse”…so I tried it out. 🙂

It was soooooo comfortable that I became obsessed with getting one. It came with a changeable gullet and is wool flocked. The flocking is very important to me because flocking can be adjusted to best fit my horse’s back.

For the reasonable, mid-range price this saddle looks and feels more like a high end saddle.

The Collegiate Dressage Saddle is made with fine European leather, has a deep, supportive seat and a self-adjusting Y girthing system.

dressage saddle
A lovely dressage saddle by Henri De Rivel.
Click to purchase on Amazon.

Another great choice, at a slightly lower price point is the Henri De Rivel Pro Lexus Dressage Saddle.

Also carefully crafted of fine black leather, this saddle features a raised cantle and deep seat to make for a comfortable riding experience.

It has gusseted panels so that it lies nice and flat on your horse’s back, and is easily adjustable to fit with re-flocking.

Henri De Rivel always produces a quality product at affordable prices. It would be hard to go wrong by choosing their Pro Lexus saddle.

dressage saddle
The Tekna S Line Dressage Saddle is a great value

If you have a bit lower budget, or would prefer to have a synthetic saddle the Tekna S Line Dressage Saddle is a great choice.

The reviews I read during my research were almost all positive, with everyone saying they preferred them looks-wise and value-wise to Wintecs.

The saddle I am showing in the picture is the suede seat and flap version but they have a completely smooth version as well.

I DO own a pair of Tekna jumping boots and ankle boots and am extremely pleased with their looks and workmanship. I would not hesitate to use them for showing.

This saddle has a quick change gullet system AND is able to have the flocking adjusted. So for the price you really can’t beat the Tekna S Line Dressage Saddle.

All the saddles in this post are very good buys…you will definitely get a big “bang for your buck” with any of them!

If you have a favorite English saddle, particularly a dressage saddle please share with us 🙂



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