Horse Bridles – Which Should You Choose?

horse bridles

The Gatsby is a nice bridle if you can’t spend too much money. Click here to see it on Amazon.

There are so many horse bridles available…how do you choose? There are several factors involved.

I take a couple of things into consideration when I am looking for a bridle. The first is also a limiting factor, I always have to figure out how much I can afford to, or am willing to, spend.

If you are looking for a decent looking all around bridle that won’t look out of place in the show ring take a look at the Gatsby Fancy Stitched Raised Bridle.

For the price, between $35-$65 on Amazon, it’s a wonderful buy and about the least you can spend on a bridle and still get something decent.

I would have no problem using it myself for schooling or show. I have invested in several to use in the lesson program at the farm and they have held up great.

they have a 5 star rating by reviewers on Amazon who are impressed with its quality and toughness.

My  favorite deal is the Henri De Rivel Dressage Bridle, an outstanding quality, padded bridle for well under $100!

horse training equipment

Just had show a picture of this lovely bridle available on Amazon if you click here.

It is made of quality European leather and stainless steel hardware.

I like that it has a regular noseband rather than a crank, the crank nosebands have the option of being over-tightened too easily. A very unpleasant situation for the horse.

I also like the buckle ends better than hook studs, I have had too many hook studs come loose and fall out on me.

This bridle gets all 5 star reviews by users who like its fit, quality and value. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this attractive dressage bridle for an all around use, both schooling and show.


horse bridles

This Collegiate Bridle is gorgeous in the show ring. See it on Amazon by clicking on the picture.

Collegiate makes a very nice bridle at a mid-range price. It is a fancy-stitched hunter type bridle with a padded, recessed comfort crown. The comfort crown feature makes your horse more comfortable by relieving poll pressure.

This bridle comes in a deep, rich brown and includes 5/8″ laced reins.

As with all Collegiate products, their horse bridles are very high quality and crafted from fine, English leather.

The Collegiate Comfort Crown Fancy Stitched Bridle looks absolutely stunning in the show ring, yet is practical and tough enough to use every day!

My next bridle is going to be the Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle. This innovative bridle was designed by William Micklem, an international coach, speaker, and best selling author. It was the winner of the Innovation Award at BETA International in 2008.

Micklem bridle for horses

Click on the picture to view the Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle on Amazon

The Micklem bridle is said to be the most comfortable, effective and flexible bridle ever designed.

It has many 5 out of 5 star reviews across many different venues.

This is a show quality bridle made from hand finished leather and is padded for comfort on the headpiece, brow-band, noseband and cheek-pieces. It was created to avoid pressure on the more sensitive areas of the horses head and face.

As soon as I get my Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle I will do an “unboxing video” and personal review. I am eager and super excited to try it!

So it comes down to several things when you are looking for a bridle; cost, if you like a bridle’s “look”, the horse’s comfort and what you want to use it for, particularly if you are showing.

The four horse bridles in this post are in the low to middle price range, ranging from $40 up to $225. They are all great bridles that look good and will do the job. Like anything else you will also get what you pay for, meaning that the somewhat higher priced bridles are likely to look a bit better and last longer.



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