Horse Clippers For Body Clipping

horse clippers for body clipping

A good set of horse clippers can make the job go much more smoothly!

Horse clippers for body clipping are a big deal for a lot horse owners, including me, at this time of year.

Here, at my farm, I use clippers year round for various things…mostly to get the horses ready for clinics and horse shows. I like to pay attention to details like whiskers and keeping their ears and lower legs looking neat. In the winter though, I do a bit more of the heavy duty clipping for some of the horses that tend to develop thicker coats and get sweaty when they work.

Whether you want to look good for the show ring, make grooming a bit easier or keep your horse from getting overly sweaty during winter work, you want to make sure you have equipment that will do the job.

I have run across a few different issues when I have been clipping and have found that investing in a good clipper can help you minimize stress! It certainly has been true for me!

With so many different horse clippers for body clipping and trimming out there at such a wide variety of price points how do you get the best bang for your buck?

While there are many good quality clippers to choose from, I would have to say that one of my top choices is the Andis 22330 AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Horse Clipper. There are several good reasons.

First, I really like the sturdy construction, an important consideration for any tool being used around a horse farm! It even has a shatterproof housing. Unless you REALLY try to break them these clippers are going to last a good, long time. I’ve had horses accidentally knock clippers out of my hands upon occasion, so it’s good to know that I am using a sturdy tool!

A decent clipper is somewhat of an investment. You definitely don’t want to see them get broken if something goes a little wrong…Murphy’s law says it’ll probably happen the first time out of the box! 🙂

Secondly, comfort is important for both you and your horse. The clippers fit well in your hand and they don’t heat up, a fact you both will greatly appreciate. One thing I have hated about some body clippers I have used in the past, is having to dip them in kerosene or turn them off for a period of time to cool them down. It just makes clipping take that much longer. I can honestly say that neither I, or my horses, have ever wished it had taken LONGER to finish a clip!

horse clippers for body clipping

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Another huge benefit of the Andis 22330 AGC Clipper is that both the high speed and lower speed are exceptionally quiet. This really appeals to me, having had clippers in the past that make me feel like I just got done using a jackhammer. Some horses are very nervous about clipping to begin with, so having a quiet pair of clippers makes a huge difference with keeping them calm and standing still.

This particular model of horse clippers comes with a detachable T-84 body clipping blade ( for the big jobs ), grooming DVD and storage case. This is a SUPER DEAL.

There are easy to switch, detachable blades available for this clipper, in fact the largest selection in the industry. The ease of switching between blades is a big plus for me as I use the smaller blades for trims and touch ups, and the large blades for clipping the body of the horse.

Don’t just take my word for it. These clippers have an almost perfect 5 star rating by other consumers as well.

With all of its wonderful features, and at this great price, there is just no way you can go wrong purchasing the Andis 22330 AGC Super 2-Speed horse clippers for body clipping!

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