Basic Horse Grooming Supplies

child using horse grooming supplies

Learning how to use horse grooming supplies is a very important part of good horsemanship!

No matter what your riding discipline, whether you have a horse for pleasure, show, or as a pet, you will need, at the least, some good, basic horse grooming supplies.

As you probably know, I have a barn full of horses. Forty to be exact, but I am only responsible for outfitting 20-something of them, thank goodness! šŸ™‚

I have tried many different types of grooming supplies and many different ways of making them work out for my programs and my own personal horses.

Since we have a riding lesson program, I have tried different ways of getting grooming kits or tools together for students to use with the lesson horses.

Oster horse grooming supplies

Click this picture to see the Oster Grooming Kit on Amazon

We used to have large plastic totes with their names on them for each horse, but the totes were sort of big and unwieldy so we eventually moved away from that.

Now we have a wall mounted, wire basket shelf, setup with a variety of grooming tools and we keep small plastic totes under the shelves.

I love the idea of the horse grooming supplies kits that are available now. Ā Oster makes a great one in both pink and blue. They are a good value and come in Ā a niceĀ “over the shoulder” kind of bag that travels with you easily. The Oster kit is very highly rated by users who value its quality craftsmanship andĀ its durability.

I really, really, really LOVE theĀ Derby Originals Pro Groom 16 Item Grooming Set. It also comes in either pink or blue and it has all of my personal favorite versions of horse groomingĀ supplies. It even includes a waist tool bag!

Derby horse grooming supplies

Click on the picture to see all the awesome grooming tools in this Derby Pro kit on Amazon

There are even grooming kits designed with kids and/or ponies in mind! TheĀ Intrepid Junior Grooming KitĀ comes in a nicely made plastic carrying case with a convenient handle. It has every grooming tool a young rider needs, in a perfect size to fit well in smaller hands. There is also spare room inside for bringing along treats for your favorite horses!

child's horse grooming supplies

By clicking this picture you can see this lovely child’s grooming kit on Amazon

In my opinion a basic set of grooming tools includes a hoof pick, a stiff brush, a soft brush, a curry and a brush for the horse’s mane and tail.

There are many types of brushes and special horse grooming supplies available that are wonderful to have and help make grooming easier. You may want to fill out your kit with some extras, particularly if you go to horse shows!

Of course, some people like to “super-groom” just for the sake of a super-groom! I like knowing that I have some of the “extras” on hand for when I have time to make my horse look his extra best šŸ™‚

If anyone has any good grooming tips, or favorite grooming tools and supplies please share with us by leaving a comment below!

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