Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

Good horse grooming kits are definitely a must have! There are also grooming tools that are not always included in a pre-made horse grooming kit that are must haves too…more about those at the end of the post. My favorite choice right now is the Equestria 9 Piece Grooming Kit. It comes in Purple, lime… Continue reading Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

Basic Horse Grooming Supplies

No matter what your riding discipline, whether you have a horse for pleasure, show, or as a pet, you will need, at the least, some good, basic horse grooming supplies. As you probably know, I have a barn full of horses. Forty to be exact, but I am only responsible for outfitting 20-something of them,… Continue reading Basic Horse Grooming Supplies