Which Kind Of Tall Riding Boots Are Right For You?

tall riding boots
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The first thing to take into consideration when you are looking to purchase tall riding boots is what discipline and purpose you are going to use them for.

Tall riding boots are often (but not always!) purchased with showing in mind. This means that you want them to look as nice as possible, feel as nice as possible and help you ride as well as possible.

Just as with everything else, new developments in style and function of tall boots are always being made.

If you are able to pay top dollar for tall boots you will want to consider the Guaernieri tall boots.

Guarnieri boots are a new and innovative approach to traditional horse riding boots.

While they maintain the beautiful aesthetic appeal associated with a fine pair of equestrian tall boots, they break with tradition by employing modern technology to create a boot that truly can positively affect your performance in the show ring.

In designing the Guarnieri Boot, Veredus has employed the use of Boa technology which allows you, for the first time ever, to adjust the fit of your boot as needed during competition.

The Boa system allows this boot to fit the slimmest to the widest calf! So this means that if you are looking for X-Wide calf riding boots these will do the job.

It also means that the boot can be tightened for competition and then loosened for walking around the show grounds!

Veredus Guarnieri Boots use new materials such as rubber XT-Grip in the inner calf, and a stretch zone on the instep, which increase the functional performance of the boot.

tall riding boots
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The XT Grip increases the stability and correct position of the rider.  Leather will eventually become slick with wear whereas XT Grip maintains its gripping power for a long time.

For a great functioning, great looking boot you can get the Ariat Ladies Westchester Zip Tall Boots. These boots are available in a wide variety of heights and widths.

Ariat makes excellent quality, long lasting horse riding boots that are also very supportive and comfortable.

The Ariat Ladies Westchesters are designed to be a traditional boot that is appropriate for all disciplines and looks fabulous in the show ring.

Tips For Buying Tall Riding Boots
  • Make sure that the boots are tall enough to allow for break in. Field boots can drop 1-1/2 to 2 inches and dress boots can drop 3/4 of an inch to a full inch.
  • Correctly fitted tall riding boots will fit uncomfortably tight at first and hit the back of the knee. They WILL stretch and drop as they break in.
  • When trying on and breaking in a pair of boots use a thin plastic bag over your foot and leg to help them slip on and off more easily.
  • Also while breaking them in (by wearing for 15 minutes around the house 1 – 2 times/day for a week or two) you might want to wear your thinnest socks and breeches.
  • Make sure to measure your legs and look at the size charts before ordering!

Which Type Of Tall Riding Boots
Should You Buy?

horse riding boots
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Traditionally there are two types of tall horse riding boots; field boots and dress boots.

Usually field boots are worn by hunter/jumper riders since the laces at the ankle allow for more flexibility and freedom for the ankle joint.

Dress boots do not have laces and are traditionally chosen by dressage riders for their cleaner look and line. The back of the boot, on the spine, is often reinforced with a stiffener to help keep the clean look and shape of the boot, as well as support the rider’s leg.

There are, however, many boot choices and you can find dress boots made of softer more supple leather as well.

The “Spanish top” is in style now for both types of tall riding boots. In a Spanish top the outside of the boot is cut higher, while still keeping the area behind the knee low, to give the look of a longer, more elegant leg.

Ovation Ladies Gold Circuit Pro Tall Field Boots are lovely boots that are moderately priced. They are part of an eco-friendly line of footwear.

These tall riding boots have superior moisture management and thermo-regulation. They also feature elastic laces and a front v notch for added flexibility and comfort.

x-wide calf riding boots
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As far as appearance and style the Ovation Ladies Tall Field Boots are made of a fine, supple calfskin leather and are lined with a full grained pigskin shaft. They also feature a YKK zipper in back so that you can get them on and of easily.

These boots are a super bargain at the price of $232.95!

Even a little bit less expensive than the Gold Circuit Pro are the Ovation Ladies Finalist PRO FIT Field Boot.

Some of the nice features of this boot are; a punched toe cap, traditional ties and spur rest with refined details, a gusset for extra ease and comfort while riding and a zipper that runs the length of the back of the calf.

The Finalist comes in all the following widths; slim, regular, wide, and x-wide calf riding boots.

horse riding boots
These boots need to become
schooling boots 🙂

Special stretch leather panels run the full length of the rear zipper on the inside of the calf to provide a tailored fit.

The Ovation Ladies Finalist Boots Are a super value at under $200!

If your boots are starting to look like the ones on the left (which, by the way, are two different brands of boots) it might be time to retire them to “schooling” status and order some new ones 🙂






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