What Horse Boots Should I Use For Jumping?

horse boots for jumping

Chip wearing his open front jumping boots at a horse show this year

Are you confused about which horse boots you should use for jumping? It is a good question because there are a zillion choices!

We have a lot of horses at the farm that compete in a variety of jumping disciplines including show jumping, cross country jumping and hunters. Different situations require different types of protective boots for horses. And although your horse is not allowed to wear boots in the hunter show ring you will most likely want to protect their legs when you are schooling.

As with any type of horse equipment, horse boots for jumping come in many styles and price ranges. You have to ask yourself what features you want your horse’s boots to provide and how much you are prepared to, or are willing to, spend on them.

When schooling for jumping most riders and trainers like to use open front boots so that their horse’s legs are protected, yet if they aren’t careful enough with picking them up they will feel their front legs hit the jump…thus hopefully encouraging them to pick them up better the next time!

Thin Line makes an open front jumping boot that is very popular and well made at a reasonable price. They are lightweight and breathable, allowing heat to dissipate. When warmed to the body temperature of the horse they mold to the leg for a non slip fit. All of Thin Line’s products are infused with antifungal, antimicrobial agents that are USDA approved.

These boots do not absorb water, nor does arena footing stick to them. They are easy to clean, you can just hose and/or sponge them off and they come in several colors. These boots are a favorite of top riders on the Grand Prix circuit.

For a more conventional look, Professional’s Choice offers a beautifully made leather open front boot with venTECH technology, a unique combination of leather and breathable neoprene.

horse jumping boots

CLICK THE PICTURE to see these attractive boots on Amazon

The ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping your horse’s legs cool and comfortable. They also have soft tendon bars that hold the boots precisely in place and provide added support and strike protection. These classy, yet reasonably priced boots provide both style and protection. They are available in both back and brown.

If you are trying to save money yet get good looks and protection I highly recommend the Tekna boots. They have an attractive, stitched,  leather-like look and  soft neoprene lining. A double velcro closure makes for easy on and off and the Quik Clean material makes them easy to clean.

I have shopped various sites and these boots get consistent 4 and 5 star ratings. I personally purchased a pair for one of my horses at the farm. He happens to be a big warmblood. The pair that I purchased for him prior to these were a very good name brand, I purchased them in a large and yet they were still too small.

what horse boots should I use for jumping

CLICK THIS PICTURE to see the Tekna boots on Amazon

I then purchased the Tekna boots and was thrilled with the fit, the support and their look. On that note, I have read in the reviews that they fit small, fine boned horses very well too.

They come in both black and brown. I have received many compliments on these boots!

There are many very good, and popular, boots on the market. These three are all good quality boots at mid range prices (you can get the Thin Line and the Professional’s Choice for under $100), with the Tekna boots being the lowest priced of the group (under $50). Even the Tekna boots will look great in the show ring.

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any additional questions that I didn’t cover about picking the right horse boots for jumping and I’ll see if I can answer them.

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