Horse Coolers – How, When & Why To Use Them

Have you ever had questions about horse coolers? Do you need one? Why? Is there a right and wrong way to use a cooler? A right or wrong time? Horse coolers are important for careful cool down in cool or cold weather, and to avoid chills and aid in recovery after strenuous schooling and exercise.… Continue reading Horse Coolers – How, When & Why To Use Them

Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

Good horse grooming kits are definitely a must have! There are also grooming tools that are not always included in a pre-made horse grooming kit that are must haves too…more about those at the end of the post. My favorite choice right now is the Equestria 9 Piece Grooming Kit. It comes in Purple, lime… Continue reading Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”