Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

Good horse grooming kits are definitely a must have! There are also grooming tools that are not always included in a pre-made horse grooming kit that are must haves too…more about those at the end of the post. My favorite choice right now is the Equestria 9 Piece Grooming Kit. It comes in Purple, lime… Continue reading Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

Top Winter Horse Care Products

First, lets make it clear that these are MY current top winter horse care products. If you ask 100 different horse people about their favorites, you may get 100 different answers. Even so, I think that these items, in one form or another, will make the list! For The Horse: Winter Horse Care The first… Continue reading Top Winter Horse Care Products

Basic Horse Grooming Supplies

No matter what your riding discipline, whether you have a horse for pleasure, show, or as a pet, you will need, at the least, some good, basic horse grooming supplies. As you probably know, I have a barn full of horses. Forty to be exact, but I am only responsible for outfitting 20-something of them,… Continue reading Basic Horse Grooming Supplies