Horse Grooming Kits – “Must Haves!”

horse grooming kits
This Equestria grooming kit is my personal favorite because it comes with all the brushes I use the most and the tote still has plenty of room for extras!

Good horse grooming kits are definitely a must have! There are also grooming tools that are not always included in a pre-made horse grooming kit that are must haves too…more about those at the end of the post.

My favorite choice right now is the Equestria 9 Piece Grooming Kit. It comes in Purple, lime and melon…I really like the melon because it is bright and easy to spot if you forget where you set it down. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also like it because it is one of the few horse grooming kits that comes with a flick brush…I particularly like to have a flick brush because it really helps get the dust off and bring up a nice shine! If one didn’t come with my kit I would have to get one seperately, for me a flick brush is one of my must haves!

These wonderful grooming pieces come in a matching 6-pocket tote with star patterned draw string top! The carry tote has a flexible retaining strap, plastic feet, and web carrying handles as well as a padded adjustable shoulder strap! The set includes a body brush, dandy brush, flick brush, face brush, mane and tail brush, hoof pick, sweat scraper, and mane comb.

Rambo horse grooming kit
An attractive grooming kit with a more conservative look, the Rambo Newmarket.

My next favorite kit is the Rambo Newmarket Groom Kit. The Rambo name is always associates with quality products and their horse grooming kit doesn’t disappoint!

The attractive bag comes in Newmarket witney gold, witney brown and witney navy. Some folks will appreciate that it comes in these more conservative, yet stylish colors.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

With it’s two handles and detachable shoulder strap it is convenient to take anywhere. There are also plenty of pockets for storing favorites or extras.

This grooming kit contains a sweat scraper, face brush, body brush,dandy brush, mane & tail brush, hoof pick and curry comb.

My Other “Must Haves” For
Horse Grooming Kits

In addition to the basics that come with horse grooming kits, I do have some must haves. I don’t get lots of expensive, fancy stuff but there are a few extras that I like to use on a regular basis.

I need to have a couple of SOFT rubber curries, a rubber grooming mitt, hoof conditoner, hoof oil and tail detangler. I also need to keep a pair of scissors, thinning shears and a Solo mane pulling comb.

Oster horse grooming kits
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That’s about it for my favorites but I don’t want to leave out a huge favorite ofย  lots of horsepeople, the Oster 7 Piece Equine Care Series Grooming Kit…in Pink!

This kit is very highly rated by users, 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 20 reviews on Amazon. One of the reasons it is rated so highly is that, like the other two kits, this one is high quality.

All Equine Care Series tools feature rubber control-touch handles for added comfort and better grip, and easily fit hands of all sizes.

This kit comes with a stiff brush, fine curry comb (which I LOVE), mane & tail brush, hoof pick and medium face brush.

You can’t go wrong with a horse grooming kit from Oster…and you will look very stylish with pink! ๐Ÿ™‚





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