What Are The Most Popular Horse Names?

horse names
Buddy and his friend Shannon have the same hairdo after taking his braids out at a horse show

I think everyone is curious about what the  most popular horse names are…I know I am!

Did you ever wonder how something like that is figured out? Who does it?

First I will say that some of my guesses would be Star, Blaze, Patches, Socks, Lightning, Thunder. I’m so imaginative aren’t I?

Horse & Hound, in the UK says if your horse named Rosie, Jack or Star you’ve got company.  An online horse names survey of more than 3,000 Horse & Hound readers found these to be the most popular horse names, with Rosie topping the list.

They say;  “Jack also tops human boys’ names, which ties in with human names being favored as horses’ stable-names.”

They go on to say that names are often a clue as to what a horses job is. For example the name Paddy is often used by eventers, probably referring to many of the eventing horses Irish heritage.

Other common eventers names in the UK are Disney names and food names such as Apple, Cookie and Avocado.

most popular horse names
Best friends…Chubby and Kismet

Show names in the UK also often refer to horses jobs. Dressage horses names often refer to the moon, stars and animals while show jumpers names frequently refer to dance.

Horse & Hound also says that there is a strong trend in “joke” show names among hacking and leisure horses, such as Duncan Disorderly or Brock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, or references to magic, such as Black Magic.

Horsemart, in the UK, says that the top 10 horses names overall are: Rosie, Jack, Charlie, Billy, Ruby, Bella, Molly, Poppy, Harry and Tilly.

Out of those we have had a Rosie, a Jack and a Molly!

Horsemart goes on to say that the top 10 unisex horse names are: Star, Blue, Magic, Storm, Beauty, Spirit, Splash, Dancer, Breeze, and Puzzle.

We have had a Star and Magic, but rather than Storm And Breeze we have had a Stormy and a Breezy.

According to YouPet.com the top 10 horse names are Star, Dakota, Cheyenne, Spirit, Misty, Cowboy, Blaze, Lucky, Chief and Stormy. (ah, there’s Stormy!)

We’ve had a Misty, Blaze and Lucky!

Every year SmartPak gets thousands and thousands of orders and compiles a list of the most popular horse names based on the number of orders they get for horses of that name. I think that’s a great way to do it. No surveys involved!

In 2012 their top 10 names were  Jack, Buddy, Bella, Max, Rocky, Charlie, Chance, Cody, Annie and Beau…we have a Buddy! He’s a rescue horse from the Camelot Feedlot and is cute, sweet and amazing. 🙂

I would love to hear back about anyone’s favorite horse names. I’m not even sure what mine are!

horse names
Sparkles the beautiful!

Some of my favorite names of horses I that have had are Dancer, Sparkles, Dazzle, Jasmine, Gemini, Sage, Pebbles, Chubby and Kismet.

I am sure the most popular horse names change from year to year. There are also may categories that I saw, like racehorse names, show jumper names, dressage horse names…and the fun goes on and on!

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